About this blog

I’ve always been interested in food, although granted, mostly about eating it than anything else. Growing up on a farm, I was secure in my knowledge of where food came from. It wasn’t until I left home to go to school that I realized I was one of a lucky minority in that situation.

Since then, my more than a dozen years of working in agriculture have taught me that there are few people out there with more interesting, unique and innovative stories to tell than farmers and the people they work with.  They live and work in a world that few of us really know anything about – it’s challenging and risky with long hours and not always a guarantee of a good payoff at the end of the day. Ok, so maybe not so different than that of many entrepreneurs who run small to medium-sized businesses, but it’s also a world that helps feed, nourish and sustain the rest of us.

Farmers feed us, work to improve our environmental landscapes and provide jobs – both directly and indirectly – to thousands. How they and others in the industry do that is the focus of this blog: news, information and comment about the farming side of Canadian food from the perspective of someone who works for and with Ontario’s farm community.

Oh, and if you happen to like what you read here, I’m also a freelance journalist, writer, communications project manager and event planner. I can help you with communications projects of all scopes and sizes, from short news release or brochure to full-length strategy document or multi-day event planning and management. Here’s a link to my business website if you’re interested in learning more:

Thanks for reading and for your interest in Canada’s fabulous food and farming sector.


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