Healthy Ontario farms will help us as supplies decline

The crystal ball says we live in the best place in the world. Personally, I’ve long been convinced of it, having lived in this area for most of my life, but this is the opinion of a bio-economy expert who spoke at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre recently.

His perspective was a bit different from mine, though. While my ideas of why this is a great place to live are shaped by family, friends and lifestyle, his were focused on societal fundamentals, such as oil, water and food.

John P. Oliver says our conventional supplies of oil, food and water will be surpassed by global demand by 2050. Continue reading Healthy Ontario farms will help us as supplies decline

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Farmers fuel Formula One

There’s power in biofuel! The Ferrari team finished one-two at the opening Formula One Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain over the weekend.

Sure, that’s sports news, but what also makes this feed, fuel and farm news is that these race cars were powered by an experimental biofuel made from Eastern Ontario wheat straw. Continue reading Farmers fuel Formula One

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Fuel from wheat straw at the pumps in Ottawa

cellulosicethanolfuelA gas station in Ottawa is the first in the world to sell fuel made with wheat straw, says a major petroleum company.

Shell announced that this blended fuel includes 10% biofuel made from wheat stalks – known as cellulosic ethanol. Continue reading Fuel from wheat straw at the pumps in Ottawa

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The right to farm and feed the world

The world’s demand for food and food-based products is set to double – if not triple – by 2050 and farmers must speak up for their right to meet that demand using conventional farming methods combined with new technologies.

If they don’t, a US researcher told delegates at the Beef Industry Convention in London ON recently, we will experience higher food prices, destroy sensitive ecosystems as they’re pressed into food production and hinder the development of new, “green” energy sources like ethanol. Continue reading The right to farm and feed the world

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Fed dollars for ethanol research

One of the criticisms often lobbed at the ethanol industry is that using corn for fuel means there is less available for food. But a new research investment by the government of Canada aims to change that.
Continue reading Fed dollars for ethanol research

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