Weighing in on wind energy

Wind farming is blowing up controversy in many parts of Ontario these days.

On the one hand, it is being promoted as a green alternative to traditional energy sources that we desperately need to lessen our dependence on less environmentally-friendly supplies we have been relying on to date. It is also credited with bringing good jobs to rural areas struggling with employment issues, keeping people in small communities and maintaining infrastructure. Continue reading Weighing in on wind energy

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Birds weigh in on organic question

It seems even birds are weighing in on the debate over the nutritional benefits of organic food.

A newly released study by Newcastle University in the UK showed that wild garden birds preferred the more protein rich regular bird seed over that which was organically grown. Lead researcher Dr. Alisa McKenzie says this is because protein is [...]

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New markets for Ontario ginseng

An innovative residue extraction process for Ontario ginseng is poised to open up new market opportunities for the high value crop.

The new method allows for the removal of crop protection residues without affecting the structure and quality of the ginseng, a pilot project has shown.
Continue reading New markets for Ontario ginseng

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Fruit and veg snack program a no-brainer

We all know diet and nutrition are directly linked to health, and we’re often told we can help make that link by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Yet, as a population, we seem to be getting fatter and unhealthier – a trend that is most alarming in young people as we see childhood obesity rates march steadily upwards.
Continue reading Fruit and veg snack program a no-brainer

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Loblaws chief: global trends will impact food

loblawslogoA series of global trends will change everything about the way we eat, says the head of Canada’s largest grocery chain. And that means both adjustment and opportunity for those involved in food, Galen Weston of Loblaw Companies Limited told attendees at the Agricultural Adaptation Council’s annual meeting in Guelph recently. Continue reading Loblaws chief: global trends will impact food

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Alberta Pork’s H1N1 challenges, responses

This post is a continuation from yesterday’s H1N1 topic that explored Alberta Pork’s experiences at the centre of the H1N1 media storm earlier this year. The information is based on a presentation I attended by Lee Funke of Torque Communications at the recently held Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation conference in Edmonton.

He outlined some of the challenges facing Alberta Pork’s response team – and their responses – at the height of the H1N1 crisis that struck Alberta when a herd of pigs was found to be infected with the influenza strain this past spring. Continue reading Alberta Pork’s H1N1 challenges, responses

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Inside Alberta Pork’s H1N1 war room

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be at the centre of a media firestorm unless you’ve actually experienced it. For the staff at Alberta Pork and the communications professionals working with them, the spring of 2009 provided more first-hand experience than they could have ever wished for. Continue reading Inside Alberta Pork’s H1N1 war room

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