More cooking, better labelling can address food waste

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I’ve written about food waste before: here and here, for example.

The statistics that are often used to quantify the shocking amount of food that we produce but end up discarding are staggering.

Not only are we wasting the actual food, but we’re also throwing out the water, energy and other resources we’ve used to […]

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Food hub needs farmers

Locally grown peppers

There’s a potential market opportunity developing for farmers in south central Ontario – and they’re being asked to step forward if they’re interested in being part of a new food hub pilot project.

The South Central Ontario Region (SCOR) Economic Development Corporation has received funding from the Greenbelt Fund to test a food hub concept […]

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Buying beef directly from farmers

buying local beef

The strength of the local food movement and the potential of an untapped urban market keen to buy high quality beef direct from farmers are behind a new marketing initiative underway by Beef Farmers of Ontario.

Farm to City Marketing is based on the popular community-supported agriculture (CSA) model that has been successful for vegetable […]

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Ontarians showing apple love online

Ontario apple in an orchard

Facing a bumper crop after last year’s weather disaster, the Ontario Apple Growers (OAG) knew they needed to Ontarians to eat more apples than ever before.

To do so, they needed more consumer awareness, so the organization turned to social media to reach out.

A series of contests hosted on their Facebook page over the […]

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Price, not welfare, governs egg buying decisions

About two-thirds of Canadian egg buyers have never bought eggs produced in cage-free facilities.

They say they could be motivated to change their buying habits – but price will be the key factor and not hen welfare.

That’s according to a study by NPD Group looking at consumer attitudes and demands for cage-free eggs, conducted […]

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