Farmer saves Ontario snakes

Dale Vranckx standing in front of the snake habitat he built

This is the final story in our Earth Day series this week about farmers doing good things for the environment. Thanks for reading!

The north shore of Lake Erie is a known habitat for the Eastern Fox Snake, Ontario’s second largest snake species.

It’s protected under the province’s Endangered Species Act, so when Dale Vranckx […]

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New water storage decreases ground water use

Botanix Oxford Instashade - garden centre

This is the third article in a series this week where we’re profiling Ontario farmers and some of their on-farm environmental improvements – in honour of Earth Day, of course.

The hot, dry summer of 2012 was the tipping point for Oxford County farmer Jan Veldhuizen, who was using up to 6,000 gallons (22,700 litres) […]

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Purifiying vineyard waste the natural way

Constructed wetland in a Nigara vineyard helps treat waste

This is the second in a series of stories showcasing the innovative things Ontario farmers are doing on their farms to improve the environment – in honour of Earth Day.

Tough new regulations governing vineyard waste management meant the owners of Sixteen Mile Cellar in the Niagara Region had some tough choices to make.

Previously, […]

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Community & sustainability at heart of local blueberry farm

This is the week we mark Earth Day, on Tuesday to be exact.

Many of us give a bit more thought to the environment this week or do a few extra things to mark this day. And those are all good things.

Farmers, in my opinion, have a special relationship with the environment, a stronger […]

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Innovations protect fruit crops against weather, predator damage

Newcastle – Damaging weather and predators can mean the difference between a good year and a bad one on the farm.

No one knows that better than Charles Stevens, who grows apples and blueberries on his farm near Newcastle, east of Toronto.

He’s turned to technology and innovation to protect his apples against hail and […]

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