Farmer asks public to help save his farm

The biggest challenge for innovators and entrepreneurs is usually money. The same goes for charities, not-for-profits and pretty much anyone who runs a small to medium sized business.

A solution that many opt for these days is crowdfunding – turning to the Internet to ask the general public to help with anything from launching a new venture, publishing a book or paying vet bills to raising money for victims of illness, disaster or tragedy. Continue reading Farmer asks public to help save his farm

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A royal jam

Royal wedding fever is ramping up as we inch closer to the long-awaited nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I remember watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981…the sheer pomp and circumstance of it all was like a magical fairy tale to my six year old eyes!

In Canada, of course, we have a special attachment to all things royal, given that the Queen is our head of state and her image graces our coins, bank notes and stamps. One local farm in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is getting in on the excitement too. Continue reading A royal jam

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Food, farming and condoms

You’re probably wondering what the connection could possibly be between condoms, food and farming.

At first glance, absolutely none – but the humour and the challenge in this little situation made it a bit too bizarre not to write about.

As a blogger and freelance journalist, I receive pitches all the time from PR folks and product promoters, asking me to write about their issue, highlight their product or interview their experts. Ninety-nine per cent of these are absolutely not relevant to the content of this blog – no link to food, farming or Canada.

The pitches vary in style, type and frequency but one I recently received was so out there in its lack of relevance that it really grabbed my attention. The product in question was a high end, eco-friendly luxury condom from France, being launched in the U.S. on National Condom Day (which apparently is today, February 10), conveniently a few days before that ultimate day of love, Valentine’s Day. Continue reading Food, farming and condoms

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Sexy calendar puts new face on farmers

A gorgeous new calendar showcasing the photos and stories of 12 Ontario farmers has been released just in time for Christmas.

The popular “Faces of Farming” calendar, now in its sixth year, puts a different and real face on today’s farmers who produce food in Ontario. Continue reading Sexy calendar puts new face on farmers

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Through the eyes of a cow

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of animals?

I think about that sometimes when I watch my dog lie in the grass, seemingly engrossed in nothing. Growing up on a dairy farm, I was surrounded by cattle on a daily basis and I remember wondering that too when I’d watch them on the pasture or standing in the barn, staring at me as they were chewing their cud.

Apparently I’m not alone – which is good to know. Continue reading Through the eyes of a cow

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Ontario edamame ready for harvest!

Back in the spring, I wrote a post about an Ontario farmer who is experimenting with growing edamame this year.

Edamame is a succulent soybean that is popular in Asian cuisine. Currently virtually all edamame consumed in Canada is grown in Asia, which means there could be a market opportunity for Ontario farmers to begin growing the crop here. This is what led farmer Jason Persall, a fourth generation farmer who markets a line of 100 percent Canadian oils, wine vinegars, soya sauces and cooking wines under the Pristine Gourmet brand, to trial different varieties on his Waterford-area farm. Continue reading Ontario edamame ready for harvest!

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Weetabix mixing food, farming and art

Weetabix, a global cereal brand, is sponsoring a wheat art competition for Ontario farmers this year. Sounds a little out-of-the ordinary at first glance and I must admit it is. After all, cereal, art and farming aren’t usually things I tend to link in my head.

Ontario wheat farmers are encouraged to give their artistic selves free reign to express themselves by taking part in a competition to build the best straw bale sculpture in Ontario. Continue reading Weetabix mixing food, farming and art

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