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Innovations protect fruit crops against weather, predator damage

Newcastle – Damaging weather and predators can mean the difference between a good year and a bad one on the farm.

No one knows that better than Charles Stevens, who grows apples and blueberries on his farm near Newcastle, east of Toronto.

He’s turned to technology and innovation to protect his apples against hail and […]

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Where potato chips are grown

Mmm, there’s nothing quite like cracking open a bag of fresh, crunchy potato chips.

I confess to consuming more than my fair share of the salty snacks over the years and love seeing what new flavours will be coming out next.

But one thing I’ve certainly never really thought too much about was how the […]

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Waxing about weather defines us

The winter blahs have well and truly set in, especially for those of us who can’t escape by heading south. Last week’s few short days of warmth and sunshine seemed to transform our drab winter world as people reawakened and remerged. Everyone was talking about the weather those few days — because that’s what we […]

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Near normal storm season predicted

They’re calling for a mostly normal season this year – hurricane season, that is. And that’s a relief to many, not only those who live in traditional hurricane areas in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic coast, but also to those of us here in the Great White North otherwise known as Canada.


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UK water rules sign of future for Canada’s farmers?

A new strategy on water usage in agriculture unveiled by Britain’s Environment Agency paints a potentially grim picture for farmers.

This according to a report in Farmers Weekly, a leading British agricultural publication. The strategy includes tighter restrictions on agricultural irrigation as well as increased costs for water recycling and construction of on-farm reservoirs.


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