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Boots, buckles and excellent editing

The following is a guest post by University of Guelph student Rebecca Hannam, who recently participated in a student exchange with ag communications students at Oklahoma State University. ****

Members of CanACT, the Canadian Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow at the University of Guelph visited Oklahoma State University (OSU) recently and learned that Oklahomans are proud […]

Is farming on the right track?

An episode of Oprah, a hard-hitting Time magazine cover story, a film called Food Inc. – farming is under increased, often one-sided scrutiny leaving many people to wonder whether modern agriculture is on the right track.

Rob Hannam, President of Synthesis Agri-Food Consulting, believes it encourages everyone to do more to address public perceptions of […]

Experience new world agriculture in Canada

Canada is a land built on the foundations of agriculture and the hard work of generations of immigrants and farmers. These are the people who came to what was the “New World” to lay the groundwork for the life, culture and society we enjoy here today. Around the globe today, our country is admired as […]

Ag blogging on TV

Food and Farming Canada was on television this past weekend. AgVision TV to be exact.

We were featured as part of a story they did on social media – as an example of a Canadian blog about farming and food.


Old world to new

How things can change in a week.

Last week I was on a mountainside in Austria, photographing cows and learning about how local farmers are keeping history and tradition alive in the next generation.

Today I’m about as far from tradition and that Old World mountainside as I can get – in the glitz and […]