Farmers’ environmental commitment evident in program funding demand

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) has long been a popular program but when the annual cost-share funding for 2009 was fully allocated in just over two months, program representatives were both surprised and pleased at the demand.

One of the things driving the uptake of cost-share is the awareness that is developed through the EFP […]

Farmer faces fine over cow attack

Here’s one for the “you’ve got to be kidding me!” file…

I read this article on the website of Farmers Weekly, an agricultural publication in the United Kingdom.

According to the story, a UK dairy farmer has been found liable for injuries suffered by a walker who was attacked by his cattle while walking across […]

What’s in a name? More milk!

Names are important to cows.

So much so, it seems, that they’ll produce more milk, say researchers in Britain.

A study by a research team at Newcastle University has found that cows with names will produce up to 500 pints more milk than those without names.


Taking care of animals on the road

At any given point, there are more animals on the move in Canada than most of us realize.

Livestock – like cattle, sheep and pigs – travel our highways as they move from farm to farm or when they are sent to market.

And because our food and farming sector is dealing with the same […]

Canadian e.coli vaccine approved

Food safety in Canada received a boost today with the announcement that an e.coli vaccine with the potential to reduce risk to human health has been approved for use in Canada.

Econiche, a livestock vaccine that greatly reduces the shedding of e.coli O157:H7 by beef and dairy cattle, is now available to Canadian farmers. […]