Locally grown exotic plant opens new markets, creates jobs

An exotic houseplant with pink flowers is turning heads across North America and creating jobs in the Niagara region.

The plant, named Medinilla Magnifica, is helping to expand operations and open up new markets for Ted Oorsprong’s Northend Gardens.

Thanks to some support from Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Oorsprong is selling the plant in chain […]

A floral paradise

Imagine an 11 acre indoor garden with two kilometres of walking paths, 776 cubic feet of soil, 4736 square feet of pond surface and 300,000 visitors over eight days.

That’s the world famous Floralies of Ghent, an incredible floral and plant exposition that takes place once every five years – a tradition that’s been […]

Buying local for Valentine’s Day

There are more ways to buy local than just food. This Valentine’s Day, why not try fresh Ontario flowers?

The perfect example, say Ontario flower growers, are potted miniature roses – ideal for the upcoming Valentine’s occasion.