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Saving Ontario’s fruit farms

This post is courtesy of fellow blogger and farm and food aficionado Tiffany Mayer. She writes in the Niagara Region – check out her blog, Eating Niagara or follow her on Twitter.

Len Troup has been doing something unusual this past week.

The Jordan Station tender fruit grower has been farming.

It’s a drastic […]

Fruit and veg snack program a no-brainer

We all know diet and nutrition are directly linked to health, and we’re often told we can help make that link by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Yet, as a population, we seem to be getting fatter and unhealthier – a trend that is most alarming in young people as we see childhood obesity […]

Food policy could end farming crisis

There’s a crisis in agriculture.

It’s an oft-repeated statement, one that at times comes from beef and pork farmers, and other times from the grain or the fruit and vegetable growers.

In fact, it seems as though there’s always a crisis in agriculture – perhaps in different sectors at different times, but it always seems […]

Farmers’ environmental commitment evident in program funding demand

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) has long been a popular program but when the annual cost-share funding for 2009 was fully allocated in just over two months, program representatives were both surprised and pleased at the demand.

One of the things driving the uptake of cost-share is the awareness that is developed through the EFP […]

Journalists can help debunk food misconceptions

The relationship many of us have with food is a lot like one we would have with a spouse, family member or friend. It can make us feel joy and inspire great passions – but can also evoke feelings of sadness, disappointment or guilt. We interact with it every day of our lives on many […]