It’s everywhere: Japan’s miracle beverage

Green tea has long been a staple in Japan, dating back about 1000 years. Elaborate tea ceremonies are one of Japan’s most traditional arts, and today, green tea is the nation’s most popular beverage. The last few years have seen a rise in canned tea beverages, making it a handy “on the go” drink. This tea revolution caused the Japanese to renew their interest in green tea as a healthy, sugar free beverage, and it is now widely available in vending machines across the country. With its popularity now spreading across the globe, the latest trend is towards organic green tea beverages and a focus on its health benefits.

Ito En, the world’s leading supplier of green tea, is one of the sponsors of the IFAJ 2007 congress. According to their research, people who drink more than ten cups of green tea per day decrease their risk of cancer by approximately 40%. Indepth research into green tea’s cancer-fighting antioxidant properties is currently underway at the University of Texas.

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