The quest for coffee

owen-getting-coffee.jpgI’ve written already about the Japan’s national drink: green tea. Coming from a coffee-centric culture, it is not always easy to adjust to not having unlimited access to coffee 24/7. Owen and I have resorted to vending machine coffee – not bad surprisingly – as you can see here at our stop at Zen-noh distribution centre the other day where one of our guides took pity on us and helped us decipher the many buttons and options.


And yesterday we resorted to being very much the North American tourists in a foreign land…making a beeline for a nearby Starbucks in Tokyo. As I’m busy reveling in the fact that we’ve found Starbucks, Owen has no time for such emotion. He’s heading straight for the java…!

Ahh, that latte tasted good!!!

Lilian Schaer and Owen Roberts are attending the IFAJ 2007 congress as part of the Canadian IFAJ 2011 Development Initiative, supported by Pioneer and Syngenta.

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