A country lunch

a-country-lunch.jpgOur Japanese hosts were very eager to provide us with as many truly Japanese experiences as possible. One of these was a lunch of traditional foods at a Japanese-style restaurant. Our meal included rice balls, miso soup, vegetables and tofu, all artfully arranged in many small and delicate dishes and prepared by local farm women. The lady who now runs the establishment actually grew up in the building, which used to be a farm house.


Again, our experience involved removing our shoes upon entering the eating area, and then seating ourselves on the floor to eat our meals, which were placed on trays in front of us. This is easier said than done…legs and bodies not used to this style of sitting or eating get tired very quickly, so there was a lot of shuffling and shifting in an effort to get comfortable!

Lilian Schaer is attending the IFAJ 2007 congress as part of the Canadian IFAJ 2011 Development Initiative, supported by Pioneer and Syngenta.

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