Agriculture in Miyagi Prefecture


Two days of our IFAJ conference in Japan were spent touring around Miyagi prefecture, one of the most agriculture-intensive areas of the country. Miyagi has a population of 2.37 million people, and is home to 13% of Japan’s agriculture. It’s total annual ag production is approximately $20 million CDN. Rice, produce and livestock are its main outputs, although the area is also known for its electronics industry and its famous hot springs – called Onsen in Japanese.

Our home base was the prefectural capital of Sendai. Our tour – one of four offered to conference delegates – focused on the rice and livestock/dairy industries, including the famous Wagyu or Japanese black cattle pictured here.

Lilian Schaer is attending the IFAJ 2007 congress as part of the Canadian IFAJ 2011 Development Initiative, supported by Pioneer and Syngenta.

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