Team Canada in Japan

canadians-in-japan.jpgFive Canadians were present at this year’s annual IFAJ congress in Japan (from left):
Kim Waalderbos, winner of the 2007 Canadian Farm Writers Federation travel bursary (sponsored by Monsanto)
Owen Roberts, IFAJ Vice President of Professional Development and co-chair of the 2011 IFAJ congress in Canada
Lilian Schaer, President of the Eastern Canada Farm Writers’ Association and co-chair of the 2011 IFAJ congress in Canada
Janet Kanters, President of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation
Karli Flinta Murphy, one of this year’s four winners of the IFAJ Alltech Young Journalists’ Award.

A fabulous farewell dinner featuring the famous Miyagi beef earlier this evening marked the end of the 51st IFAJ congress. Thank yous were extended to our generous hosts who have worked tirelessly to make sure we felt welcome and looked after, and the flag was officially passed to the next host, Austria and Slovenia.

Tomorrow the long trip home begins…

Lilian Schaer and Owen Roberts are attending the IFAJ 2007 congress as part of the Canadian IFAJ 2011 Development Initiative, supported by Pioneer and Syngenta.

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