Veal value chains: a win-win approach

A new value chain strategy is being used by Ontario’s veal farmers to try to help them get more veal onto restaurant menus.

Bill Dover and Geoff Wilson, food industry consultants working with the Ontario Veal Association (OVA), discussed the new approach which is seeing new products being developed in response to market needs at an education and tasting event in Toronto yesterday. Historically, products were developed first and then the challenge for farmers and processors was to find a home for those products.

Under this new approach, food products using veal are developed to satisfy both the needs of the veal farmers and processors, who are looking for ways to market underutilized cuts, and restaurants, who are constantly looking to offer their customers new and unique eating experiences.

The veal industry has long struggled with what is called a carcass utilization challenge – how to market the entire animal, not just the choicest pieces, and gain a premium price in the process. By working with restaurants to find out what their needs were, several new veal products have been developed. This includes a veal burger patty, veal apple sausage, veal meat sauce and veal pot pie.

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