Month: January 2008

Canada’s food freedom comes early

Food Freedom Day – the day Canadians have earned enough income to pay for all their food for the year – is a full week earlier in 2008 than previous years, falling on February 3. According to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), which helps lead celebrations to mark Food Freedom Day in Ontario, there […]

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US gov’t declares cloned meat safe to eat

The US government last week approved the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals for human consumption – and at the same time, asked farmers to keep them off store shelves. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared the products as safe for humans to eat as those from conventionally produced livestock. The US […]

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Anti-trans-fat trend presents market opportunities for farmers

The growing popularity of trans-fat free foods is presenting new market opportunities for soybean farmers. A new study looking at market demand for specialty trait soybean oils has found a definite potential for these products, and that the market may be willing to pay a premium price for them. “The study shows definite market potential […]

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