Top consumer trends

Top trends influencing consumer behaviour
(as presented by Harvey Hartman, CEO of consumer research firm the Hartman Group)

  • Premiumization of everything – people are willing to pay more for quality
  • Expertise vs. prestige – what are the experts telling me to do?
  • Snack culture – everything is reduced to bite-sized portions, from food to information, and people seek instant gratification
  • Eco-iconic and green transparency – green products that both work and look good; the rise of ecochic that is meaningful and has substance
  • Brand soul – relationship closeness between brand and consumer, sharing common values; the more dialogue you have with your consumers, the stronger your brand
  • Return to traditional manners – emphasis on sharing and co-operation, like we were taught as children
  • Brand butlers – letting the brand give back to the community, to society by supporting worthy causes or local initiatives
  • Make it yourself/Sell it yourself (MIY/SIY) – user-generated content is growing rapidly in popularity.

These tips were presented at the Agricultural Adaptation Council annual general meeting in Guelph ON today as part of a larger presentation about consumer trends.

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