Tips for success

Dr. Vincent Amanour-Boadu shared the following tips on how to position yourself for success in the global marketplace with participants at the Making Tough Decisions in Tough Times conference:

  • Increase and sustain industry share of plate and market. Consumers are not loyal and will buy from wherever they think their needs are being met. Find a way to treat consumers as an intelligent collaborator, determine what their needs are and then try to meet them.
  • Recruit partners. In the US, the Food Network is the fastest growing cable network, attracting women, boys and girls. Cooking and eating is fashionable, and this exposes people to new foods and new cooking methods.
  • Target emerging markets. For example, in India, 25% of its 1.2 billion person population is middle class. So far, the livestock sector has ignored this market, even though it is the size of the entire US population. If only 10% buy 1 kg of Canadian meat products, that represents a significant market.
  • Make it a no-brainer to cook meat without losing its fundamental characteristics

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