It’s about time!

The federal government announced changes to the “Made in Canada” labelling laws yesterday, making easier for us to know that what we’re buying is actually Canadian. All I can say is great move – finally!

I’ve long been annoyed by the fact that a product could be labelled as product of Canada even if only 51% of the transformation (processing or manufacturing) or packaging costs were incurred in Canada.

The actual ingredients could all be imported – and sold to unsuspecting consumers as Made in Canada food products. This made us think that these products and the farmers/manufacturers who produce them are subject to the same high quality and environmental standards that we demand from our farmers and processors here in Canada.

Given the growing concern over the safety and quality of foreign food products and consumer willingness to buy local – both to support farmers and do their part for the environment – the timing of this announcement is great and not a moment too soon.

This photo came from the Foodland Ontario website – great promotion of homegrown foods!

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