World water congress

It often comes up as an issue widely expected to spark future wars and dominate human consciousness some day – much the way oil currently occupies our thoughts and drains our wallets. And for some, the lack of water is already a pressing problem.

This week, 2500 experts are gathering in Vienna, Austria for the World Water Congress to address global water issues. Of a total population of six billion, one billion people live in water poverty – meaning they suffer from chronic water shortages – and two billion have no sanitary infrastructure.

The focal point of the water congress will be the newest in water technologies and how they might be used in drought areas of the developing world to alleviate water shortages.

Austria sponsors water projects in Africa, Central America, Palestinian areas of the Middle East and Southeast Europe.

This congress isn’t part of our Austria itinerary, but it’s interesting to see issues we deal with in Canada be addressed in other parts of the world as well. Lack of water hasn’t been a problem in Ontario this year but the effects of climate change on our region remains to be seen.

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