More than just pie

For me, pumpkin is indelibly linked to that sure-fire sign of fall, pie.

But here in the Styrian region of Austria, pie is the furthest thing from their minds and pumpkin production is booming.

Pumpkins are grown and harvested to create a distinctive pumpkin seed oil that is used in salad and other dressings.

Upon harvest, a special machine smashes the pumpkins and extracts the seeds. The fleshy bits we turn into pie are left in the fields and the seeds are salted and roasted before being pressed to extract the delicious, dark oil.

It was part of several of our meals here in Austria and I can certainly attest to the fact that it is deliciously tasty. I only wish I could bring some home, but the suitcase is rather small and we all know what happens to liquids in carry-on baggage…

IFAJ 2008 Congress photo album

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