Tomato fight comes to London…sort of

Many of us have heard of the crazy tomato fight festival held in the Spanish town of Bunol every year. Now an event billed as London Ontario’s biggest tomato fight is set to kick off this coming Sunday.

Having seen pictures of the messy, free-for-all tomato splat fest, I was intrigued at the idea of a similar event on our doorstep.

But closer reading of the news release for “Tomato Fest” burst my red bubble just a little – although what they’re actually going to be hosting is pretty cool in its own right.

The festival, a fundraiser for London’s City Farming Project that combines in-school education with hands-on gardening experience for students, will celebrate all things tomato, with a focus on locally grown heirloom varieties.

More than 30 types of heirloom tomatoes – old varieties that are no longer grown commercially or on a large scale – are raised in the London area, and they’re popular with consumers looking for unique and tasty locally grown foods.

The event will feature tastings and a competition involving several restaurants, as well as provide information to the public about sustainability and growing your own food.

And the fight part? According to event organizer Rosemary White, the festival is billed as a fight because of the need for consumers to have the ability to access the foods that they want and are important to them.

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