A bird’s eye view

Rural Ontario from the air

I had a bird’s eye view of rural Ontario today – and it was one fo those “stop and think” sort of moments.

I took a flight to Ottawa from Kitchener on Bearskin Airlines this afternoon. The plane was a small one – small enought ot make an already nervous flyer like me even more anxious – and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Sunny skies and little wind let me enjoy a spectacular view of rural Ontario. I marveled at the orderly beauty of farms, fields and fence rows divided by country roads and groups of trees.

As city folk – and I’m one of them know, living in the Waterloo Region metropolis of Cambridge for the last several years – venture into the countryside on weekends or for holidays, I’m sure most have no idea abou the work that goes into maintaining that lovely rural landscape.

I confess I don’t usually give it much thought either, and I grew up there. This doesn’t happen by itself. farmers and rural landowners are the ones responsible for this pastoral beauty. They’re the ones who look after the land, manage the forests and pay the taxes that help maintain the roads.

Yet another reason to say thank you to farmers.

Bearskin Airlines plane
Bearskin Airlines plane
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