Turkey and an election or two

Fall colours in our neighbourhood

It’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada and at least here in Cambridge ON, it couldn’t be a more glorious one.

The day is everything a gorgeous fall holiday Monday should be – warm, sunny, trees full of brightly coloured leaves and although I’m working, it feels quiet and peaceful.

We even had a great family Thanksgiving yesterday in honour of my mum’s birthday.

Thanksgiving decorations

But I know that come tomorrow, it will be back to reality as the holiday calm is shattered by the hustle, bustle, stress and emotion of election day.

Tomorrow, we Canadians head to the polls and although we’ve been inundated with election coverage since the writ was dropped in early September, I can’t say that I’ve been following campaign events with any great or unusual interest.

Sure, I watch the news and I read the papers, but I do that regularly anyway.

I’ve probably paid more attention to events south of the border, with the latest Sarah Palin drama usually eclipsing our more staid election happenings with little effort.

Is that because I’ve already pretty much known how I would vote since before the election was called?

Or because I’m skeptical that any real debate on issues takes place during a campaign, which is all about sound bites, photo ops and headlines?

I don’t think I can rightly or fairly chalk it up to electoral fatigue – because if that were the case, I’d have tuned out the never-ending US campaign months ago.

After all, they’ve been at it for the better part of two years and we’ve only barely had about six weeks.

In any case, I’ll definitely be out to vote tomorrow and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Regardless of our political affiliations, leanings or inclinations, it’s our duty as Canadians to cast our ballots and be active participants in the democratic process.

Otherwise, what right do we have to complain when we inevitably feel someone has screwed things up?

Time for another piece of birthday cake.

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