Breaking down the stereotypes

A farmer today likely doesn’t look a lot like the image most of us might have in our heads.

Gone are the overalls and straw hat of the Old Macdonald era – replaced by folks who look just like you and I, are smart and driven and who use as much if not more technology than any city dweller.

You can get to know some of these individuals in the latest Faces of Farming calendar, launched by the Ontario Farm Animal Council at a reception in Guelph last night. The latest edition features 13 farmers from across Ontario – men and women – who produce everything from tomatoes, energy crops and honey to beans, milk and meat.

But they’re also athletes, musicians, community volunteers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The calendar, with the theme “Know Farmers, Know Food”, has been produced annually since 2002 when it was launched featuring just hog farmers. It has since grown to include farmers of all kinds – and it’s goal is to introduce us to Ontario farmers and shatter some of our long-held myths about farming.

Calendars are available from the Ontario Farm Animal Council.

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