“Buy local” resonates with consumers

foodland-logoFoodland Ontario is one of the most recognizable brands in our province – and their “buy local” messages are making a difference with consumers.

Recent market research shows that almost 3/4 of Ontario grocery shoppers look at where food is produced when they’re making their purchasing decisions. 

Furthermore, 96% of shoppers recognize the Foodland Ontario logo, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs representative Shana Barker, told delegates at the recent Beef Industry Convention in London, Ontario.

The well-known program was launched more than 30 years ago to promote Ontario food products and has been mostly associated with fresh fruits and vegetables in recent years.

The program has now been expanded to include bread, dairy and meat products, including the popular Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand. In fact, Corn Fed Beef – the flagship product of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association – was the first meat to join the Foodland Ontario marketing program.

However, the research also showed that while consumers want to buy Ontario food, they can have trouble finding it, especially when it comes to meat.

More than a third of respondents have difficulty identifying Ontario meat products, meaning there is still more that can be done to encourage shoppers to buy Ontario.

Foodland has been working hard to make that happen. Their popular recipe calendar is distributed to more than 500,000 people, they’ve launched a new website with a product locator to help consumers find shops that carry Ontario foods and they have a team of 14 full time merchandisers who visit over 1200 grocery stores a year to help market and promote the Foodland Ontario brand.

Check out their new Foodland Ontario website.

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