The flip side of banning biotech

I came across an interesting post today on a blog called “Gate to Plate” by Michele Payn-Knoper. She talks about hunger and how sad it is that in a country as rich in land, food and farmers as the United States, children have to go without.

More than 700,000 kids went hungry in the US last year – and more than 854 million people worldwide didn’t have enough to eat. The sad part is that it doesn’t have to be that way, she says, arguing that the world produces enough food for everyone thanks to technology.

It’s the technology in agriculture allows us to improve the nutritional value of our crops, use fewer crop protection products, grow more food on the same or less land by increasing yields and protect our crops against pests and drought.

And those that seek to ban the use of such technologies in farming, she says, should think beyond just their own dinner plate and consider the millions who have nothing to put on that plate.

Read her blog post here.

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