Regs, regs and more regs for farmers

I keep reading the same messages over and over again lately – and from different parts of the world.  Agriculture, it seems, is under fire from government.

In Europe, farmers and others are outraged over a recently passed ban on crop protection products across the EU, legislation that many fear will impact farmers’ ability to be competitive and to produce the amount of food needed to feed people at the prices they’re willing to pay.

In Ontario, we’re faced with a similar ban, as well as legislation governing things like source water protection which has the potential to cost farmers millions.

And I just came across an article in the Honolulu Advertiser decrying the threat posed to Hawaii’s farming sector by activists that are trying to have anti-biotechnology legislation introduced. Agriculture represents $500 million dollars to that state’s economy, providing both jobs and value export products that are in demand in other parts of the world.

Banning biotechnology would jeopardize all of that  – and the writer does a great job of putting it all in perspective.

Check it out, it’s worth a read.

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