Fed dollars for ethanol research

One of the criticisms often lobbed at the ethanol industry is that using corn for fuel means there is less available for food. But a new research investment by the government of Canada aims to change that.

Agriculture and AGri-Food Canada announced almost $20 million of funding for the Cellulosic Biofuels Network (CBN) to conduct research into creating biofuels from agricultural waste products like corn stalks or wheat straw, for example.

Researchers from universities across Canada will be involved, including University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, Ryerson University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, all right here in Ontario.

The hope is that these emerging technologies will both lessen pressures on food supplies and help farmers develop additional markets for products that currently carry no value.

Sounds like good news to me for Ontario’s grain growers.

Photo credit: http://www.nrel.gov/data/pix/Jpegs/10429.jpg, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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