The milestone unnoticed

Today marked an important milestone in Canada – and it probably went unnoticed by most of us.

February 12 is 2009’s Food Freedom Day, the day when Canadians have earned enough money to pay for their year’s grocery bill.

It’s a little later this year than in the last few, but that’s due to an increase in the cost of food – and the energy and labour that went into producing it.

As Canadians, we’re a lucky bunch. Many others around the world aren’t as fortunate to have such an affordable – and safe – food supply.

According to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Australians spend 12.7 percent more of their income on food than we do; the Japanese 35.7 percent more and the Mexicans a whopping 125 percent more than we do.

My guess is that we didn’t only not know about Food Freedom Day, we also probably generally don’t appreciate how fortunate we are.

Let’s take a moment to thank those who keep us fed.

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