The latest in green underwear

soyunderwear_sHow about marking Earth Day with some environmentally friendly clothing?

Check out the latest in trendy knickers – soy panties from a company called Uranus.

No kidding. In fact, their slogan is “Help save plant earth starting with Uranus.”I’ve talked about soy and it’s many uses on this blog before – but never in the context of clothing, and certainly not underwear. I have to admit, I’m skeptical. After all, underwear and the comfort of said underwear is not a subject to be treated lightly…

But according to their site, soy fabric is luxurious and soft, sort of like silk or cashmere – and yet good for the environment too as it’s more durable and longer lasting than cotton.

You can see them – and read about them – for yourself on their site… and I’d love to hear from anyone with more insights into soy fabric!

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