Checking in on the fruit crop

fruit-bearing-trees-may-2009I’ve never given much thought to the origins of much of our fruit. Now by this I don’t mean what country they’re grown in, although that’s important too. No, I mean how they’re actually grown.

Last week I was able to spend the morning at an orchard in the Niagara area – Cherry Lane Farms – where they grow cherries, peaches and pears. Cherries are green and small peaches and pears are just starting to emerge. It was  hard to image the delicious, colourful fruit they’ll become as I looked at the tiny green fruitlings. Is that even a word? Not likely…but I digress.orchard-laneway

The Smith family has been on this farm since 1907 and they’ve graciously agreed to put up with me, a photographer and a video crew this summer as we gather footage for a new virtual farm tour project I’m working on.

The virtual orchard tour will be hosted on when it’s finished, where it will join 17 tours of Ontario livestock and poultry farms that are already done.

I’ll also be working on tours of vegetable, corn/wheat/soy and flower farms over the next year – all with the goal of letting people experience real, working Ontario farms and learn about why we do what we do to produce food from the comfort of their own homes.


Here are some photos of the newly growing fruit (peaches left, cherries below).

We’ll be back in the second half of the summer for harvest season. green-cherries-may-2009

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