Is it Canadian chicken? What does the label mean?

white-chicken1-300x200A lot of people have asked these questions and as consumers, we now have the chance to find out the answer –  straight from Canada’s chicken farmers.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has just launched a brand new blog – called Chicken Feeds – that will focus on all things chicken in Canada.

The idea was to be more accessible, said communications officer Marty Brett, adding that the blog will give readers an inside look at how chicken reaches Canada’s dinner tables.

One recent post, called “What are you, chicken?” explains in detail what chickens are fed, and what labels like “vegetable grain fed” and “no animal by-products” actually mean. I’ve often wondered about that myself – and now I know.

Another post addresses the question of where chicken actually comes from. Is all of our chicken really from Canada or is some imported from countries like China?

Another good question I sometimes wonder about – especially as I try to support Canadian farmers and in light of some of the problems with Chinese food products in recent years and months.  Oh, and the answer to that one is no.

The blog’s writers also address animal welfare, nutrition and food safety issues and features a section where readers can submit their chicken questions.

Looking forward to learning more as this blog grows!

Photo credit: Chicken Farmers of Canada,

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