Whatever will they think of next?!?

There’s always someone looking to make a buck off someone else’s misfortune. But in this case, I didn’t think it would be the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC).

One of the agencies at the head of the global response to H1N1 influenza, the CDC is reported to be selling a toy version of the microbe in the gift shop of its headquarters in Atlanta.

The stuffed microbe is one of a series being sold in the shop, according to a report on 11alive.com.

A particular set back for hog farmers is that the toy has been named “Swine Flu”, the misnomer quickly attached to H1N1 in its early days. That unfortunate label has caused a lot of damage to hog farmers in North America by mistakenly associating pigs and pork with the new strain of Influenza.

Although farmers on both sides of the border have been relentless in their efforts to get the media to call it H1N1, some outlets continue to resist. And gimmicks like this one certainly don’t help the cause.

Whatever will they think of next?!?

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