Using social media in agriculture

I spent the day in Saskatoon today with reporters and editors from the Western Producer. Once a year, they all gather together for a staff conference – and today, I was on the agenda to do an introduction to social media.

I am generally quite intrigued by the endless possibilities posed by social media, excited by the connections I have made and the things I have learned by using it and fascinated by how it continues to grow.

So it was very little problem for me to spend an hour and a half talking about the what, why and how of social media. Thanks to all of you out there who are active ag bloggers and tweeters – I used many of you today as examples of how social media tools can be used.

Some of those examples:

Michele Payn-Knoper, Iowa Farm Bureau,, Ontario Farm Animal Council, Chicken Farmers of Canada and Blair Andrews. There are many more – for a copy of my list, send me an email or reach me on Twitter @foodandfarming.  I’d be glad to share it!

As a thank you, I received a gorgeous print of a photo by William DeKay of the Western Producer, which won a gold medal for photography at this year’s Canadian Farm Writers Federation awards. It’s stunning and I must say, one of the best speaking gig gifts I can remember receiving.

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