The great salsa adventure

salsa cookingA bunch of us girls get together every once in a while for craft night. Now, normally, this has nothing to do with food or farming – other than we’re all farm girls and we usually eat food before crafting. But the last time we got together, my friend Cathy mentioned she was growing tomatoes in her garden this year.

Well, one thing led to another, as they are wont to do when women get together to craft and drink wine, and lo and behold, we had agreed that our next craft night should involve making salsa at Cathy’s house.

Since I am currently into canning and the like, I polled the girls to determine our collective level of salsa-making experience (result = 0) and seeing none, at least establish the availability of a suitable recipe.
One was indeed produced and after several small test batches done in my kitchen, we set about procuring supplies.

veggiesMy stop for the fresh tomatoes, garlic, green pepper, onion and cilantro was Fraberts Fresh Food in Fergus. As a small business owner myself, I like to support other small family businesses and it seemed very appropriate that our homemade salsa would be made of (mostly) Ontario ingredients.

So, last Saturday, Kelly, Andi and I along with Andi’s young daughter Shana and Cathy’s toddler Kate, set up shop in Cathy’s kitchen in Rockwood for the great salsa adventure. It took us the better part of the morning to slice and dice 20 pounds of tomatoes, 10 pounds of peppers, 10 pounds of onions, a bundle of cilantro and four bulbs of garlic. Thank God Kelly brought her food processor! Granted, it’s not as satisfying as using a big knife (insert evil laughter) but without the electric help, we might still be there…

jars of salsa By 5 pm, we had 61 jars of salsa and four tired but very proud salsa-makers. We each took home 15 jars of salsa…and various left over veggies.

I was in charge of making sure we had enough vegetables and since math was never my strong suit (and you never know what kind of incidents could befall novice salsa-makers during this adventure!), I chose to err on the side of caution when figuring out the quantities to buy. All I can say is thankfully there are many more recipes to try that involve tomatoes!

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