Putting a face to farming

calendarcoverWe all eat but most of us likely give it little thought beyond worrying about calories or fat content. We certainly aren’t likely to spend a lot of time thinking about who grew that food and the work that someone somewhere put into producing it.

But that’s the goal of the 2010 Faces of Farming calendar – getting us to know our food by knowing the farmers who grow it. It features Ontario farmers and farm families from across the province in starkly beautiful black and white photography.

February - JanetAnd each photo has a story to tell, whether that of Janet (Miss February), a grain farmer from the Ottawa Valley who is also a karate student and drove to her wedding in a combine, or that of Shawn (Mr. September), who grows specialty crops like azuki beans, malt barley and milling oats and is a dedicated environmentalist.

September - ShawnThis is the fifth year of the calendar, produced by the Ontario Farm Animal Council (OFAC), which annually garners a lot of positive media attention for the organization and the participating farmers.

The calendar is sent to all media in the province and to date, OFAC reports media interviews with the Guelph Mercury, Toronto Sun, Woodstock Sentinel-Review, Stratford Beacon-Herald, Simcoe Reformer, Today’s Farmer, Better Farming, Rural Voice and Mitchell Advocate.

To view the entire calendar and/or to purchase your copy, visit www.ofac.org or call 519-837-1326. Cost is $10.

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