A house made of soy

soyhouseBelieve it or not – it’s possible to live in a house built from soy. And you can see one for yourself if you head down to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.

Ok, so it’s not a house built from actual soybeans, but many soy-based products were used to construct and decorate the 1200 sq ft Quality Home on display at the fair. This includes bedding, paint, mattress foam, shampoo and even the urinal. Soy House at the Royal was spearheaded by the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

This display coincides with a new resource that was just released by Soy 20/20, a Guelph-based organization dedicated to increasing market opportunities for Canadian soybeans. Industrial uses and opportunities for Canadian soybeans is a 16-page brochure that provides information on many new and emerging soy-based technologies.

You can check out the brochure on the Soy 20/20 website.

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