An IFAJ congress in food and drink

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the International Federation of Agriculture Journalists (IFAJ) annual congress, which took place in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Much to my satisfaction – as one who really loves to eat – food and drink played a key role in this gathering of those who write about food and farming. Not only did we enjoy consuming it, we were also quite keen to take photos of what was placed before us, as you can see here:

Joe Watson from the UK and I trying to get that perfect shot of a wine glass during a winery tour in Luxembourg

Here are some of the lovely dishes and drinks we experienced:

Air-dried Arbonne ham was a specialty in the Belgian province of Luxembourg
White asparagus dishes were popular - and delicious! - in the Belgian region of Flanders
A mouth-watering display outside a Belgian waffle display - no calories here!
Chocolates are a Belgian dietary staple
An appetizer platter at a dinner in Luxembourg
Many different ways to eat salmon in Luxembourg
And of course, Belgium is also known for its endless varieties of BEER!

Note: My participation in IFAJ 2010 was partially supported by the IFAJ Alltech Young Leaders Award.

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