A floral paradise

Imagine an 11 acre indoor garden with two kilometres of walking paths, 776 cubic feet of soil, 4736 square feet of pond surface and 300,000 visitors over eight days.

That’s the world famous Floralies of Ghent, an incredible floral and plant exposition that takes place once every five years – a tradition that’s been ongoing for over 200 years.

We had the chance to visit this amazing display of horticultural talent and craftsmanship as part of the International Federation of Agriculture Journalists (IFAJ) congress held last month in Belgium. We were there for just under two hours, but it would have been easy to spend an entire day perusing the fabulous floral displays and marvelling at the creativity that goes into the many exhibits.

I will let the following photos speak for themselves – and here’s a link to the official photo gallery on the Floralies website that I think does a much better job than my few pics here at conveying the artistry of the expo.

Note: My participation in IFAJ 2010 was partially supported by the IFAJ Alltech Young Leaders Award.

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