Another spring favourite – fresh Ontario rhubarb

Last weekend, when I wrote about visiting my friend Jackie’s store in Fergus – Fraberts Fresh Foods – I talked about getting the first asparagus of the season. Now, it was yummy and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

While I was at Fraberts, I also managed to get my hands on some local Ontario rhubarb. I used to eat rhurbarb a fair bit when I was growing up because it grew in our garden…AND…this is the important part, my mom knew what to do with it. I have contemplated buying rhubarb in the past but never did precisely because I wasn’t sure what I could turn it into (and since my husband’s not a big fan of rhubarb, whatever I did make had better be good because I’d be eating a lot of it!).

I got some great recipe suggestions from the friendly folks at @FoodlandOnt, which offered a lot of options. I finally reverted to a tasty Mom classic from my childhood – rhubarb squares – which you can see here before I cut into the aforementioned squares:
rhubarb cake about to be cut into squares

It is delicious! But as you can see from this next photo, I still have leftover rhubarb that needs to find a new life as something…so I’ll be returning to the Foodland Ontario list for some more inspiration!
Ontario rhubarb

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