Top food and farming posts

I’ve been blogging about food and farming for about two and a half years. Here are the most popular posts I’ve written on this blog during that time. Some of the earlier ones were posted before I linked this blog to Twitter, which is why you’ll see low or non-existant tweet counts on those pages.

  1. As Canadian as Possible Under the Circumstances – Journalist Roy MacGregor’s thoughts on what it means to be Canadian.
  2. It’s blueberry season! – I discovered a hail cannon (a device that can stop hail from forming!) when I toured Wilmot Blueberries east of Toronto.
  3. Farmers get some PR pointers – hints and tips on getting the message out from a local agri-food consultant.
  4. Cows that moo and tweet – a story about an Ontario farmer whose cows tweet their daily activities. He is part of a creative media project with University of Waterloo.
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