Reconnecting with nature’s original alarm clock

rooster - reconnecting with nature's original alarm clockI grew up on a farm in rural Ontario and after about 15 years of living in the city, I returned to the country this past January when my husband and I bought a house just outside of town.

There are many things I like about no longer living in a sub-division – but one of my most pleasant surprises was discovering that our neighbour kept some poultry next door. And he has a rooster as part of his flock.

I didn’t really start paying attention to this until the temperatures outside got warm enough so that I could sleep with the window open – and began realizing that I was no longer waking up to my alarm clock, but rather to the rooster crowing every morning.

Now sometimes my little feathered friend gets a little confused at what time morning actually comes – he can crow with equal vigour at 3:30 in the morning as at 5:30 in the evening – but generally, he’s spot on and I find it much more pleasant to wake up listening to him than to the industrial-sounding beeping of my regular alarm. He seems to get the concept of a snooze button too; he repeats his wake up call intermittently for the better part of an hour most mornings.

Once the weather gets cooler again, I’m sure he’ll go back inside just as I’m sure I won’t be sleeping with the window open any more – but for the time being, I’m quite enjoying reconnecting with nature’s original alarm clock.

Note: the photo above is not of the rooster in question; despite hearing him daily, I’ve only actually laid eyes on him a few times – and never, of course, when I had my camera handy. This photo is courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

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