Breakfast pizza – easy, delicious and local!

A few weeks ago I came across an article that talked about Breakfast Pizza as the latest trend in chic breakfast eating. This seems like a great idea to me – I love pizza and I love breakfast, so I figure you can’t go wrong by bringing these two life staples together!

I first tried the recipe on Easter weekend and loved its simplicity: the usual pizza toppings of tomato sauce and cheese, along with green onion, and then came the breakfast part. I fried strips of bacon ahead of time and placed them on the pizza before sliding it in the oven. The final touch was cracking three eggs on top of the pizza before baking it. And it was delicious!! Unfortunately, I was so focused on eating and other things that I completely forgot to take a picture of my masterpiece.

This morning, I decided to try the recipe again – and to save time, simply cut bacon into small pieces and put it on the pizza before baking. It was still quite yummy but I think I prefer the pre-cooking of bacon strips. It’s less greasy on the pizza, the bacon is crispier and it just feels a bit more like breakfast:). I also added parsley this time…and one of the yolks didn’t quite stay intact. But a tasty, quick to make breakfast all the same!

And, at last count, most of my ingredients were product of Ontario – bacon, green onion, eggs, cheese and pizza dough made at Lucie’s Bakery in Guelph. The only one I’m not quite sure about is the tomato sauce, which came in a can – but how hard it is to figure out the origins of our canned/processed goods is a blog post for another day!

Finally, this time, I DID remember to take a photo:

Breakfast pizza is easy and delicious!
Breakfast pizza is easy and delicious!
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