Tasty and delicious asparagus pork tenderloin

I’ve already talked about my love for fresh Ontario asparagus in a post a couple of weeks ago…but it’s still in season and I’m still enjoying!

Tonight I combined it with another favourite – Ontario pork – and ended up with a delicious meal. It was surprisingly easy to make and great to grill on the barbecue, which was a must for me in today’s heat.

Here are the quick and easy steps:

  • butterfly a pork tenderloin out flat,
  • cover it with a layer of grated cheese (I used medium cheddar this time but have also made it with Gruyere before, a tangy Swiss cheese),
  • add a few spears of steamed asparagus
  • roll it up and pin it together

Rub spice of your choice (I used barbecue spice) on the outside and it’s ready to go on the grill.

Fresh off the grill and cooling before serving…

cooling on the plate before serving

Here’s what it looked like, ready to eat (ok, so the photography needs work…but the taste more than made up for that!):

asparagus cheddar tenderloin
Asparagus and cheddar stuffed pork tenderloin
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