Niagara’s golden cheese

Upper Canada Cheese CompanyI am absolutely in love with cheese. Maybe even more so than with chocolate, although that can be debatable depending on the day.

So it was a good day this past Saturday when I discovered a little piece of cheese heaven – Upper Canada Cheese Company.

The tiny artisan creamery is located in the village of Jordan Station in Niagara Region and their claim to fame is a line of spectacular cheeses made from the milk of Guernsey cows.

comfort guernseyThere are only six herds of these dairy animals in Canada, of which two are in Ontario and one – owned by the Comfort family who have been farming in the area since the times of the United Empire Loyalists over 200 years ago – supplies Upper Canada Cheese Company.

Guernsey milk is high in butter fat and protein and rich in A-2 beta-casein, calcium, vitamins A and D and it’s also uniquely gold-shaded.

selection of cheesesI tried two cheeses while at the creamery – Niagara Gold and Comfort Cream. (At left you can take a peek into their cheese display case!).

Niagara Gold is a semi-soft cheese, sort of like an Oka. It is a lovely golden colour (hence the name) and has a pungent, spicy flavour that develops and intensifies as the cheese ages.

Comfort Cream is a soft, Camembert-like cheese. Upper Canada begins selling their Comfort Cream after it has aged for about four weeks. The one I tried in the store was fairly firm (aka young) but the one I bought to take home was fabulously soft and runny – and it was about eight weeks old. It also had a delicious flavour.

It’s only been three days since my visit to cheese heaven, but most of what I bought to take home with me has already been consumed (by me). So I checked out Upper Canada’s website to see whether I could buy the cheese anywhere other than at their Jordan location.

Turns out their products are sold in various stores in Toronto, Aurora and Mississauga – but as of yet nowhere near the Guelph area. Looks like there may be some return trips to Jordan in my future!

Here’s what I came home with:

cheeses I bought

All the photos on this post are ones I took, with the exception of the Guernsey cow image – that is one from Upper Canada’s website.

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