A food nerd’s mountain top lunch

My brother called me a food nerd today.

I guess he’s right when I consider what I was doing to make him call me that.

We are in Switzerland this week and today we were in a mountaintop restaurant above Zermatt, having lunch.

As soon as my lunch arrived, the first thing I did was arrange the plate in front of me and then take a photograph of what was placed in front of me.

I didn’t think much of it, really; after all, it’s become almost second nature to me to take photos of food and food products wherever I am – in restaurants, at markets and in stores.

So here’s what I actually had for lunch: a Swiss specialty called “Roesti”, a grated, pan-fried potato dish that is popular all across the country:

swiss rosti potatoes

This one had a base of Roesti, followed by a layer of tomato and bacon, then several slices of tangy, melted Swiss cheese.

I think it was Emmental cheese, the one we all commonly recognize as “Swiss cheese” – it’s the one full of holes.

In reality, there are almost as many different types of cheese in this country as there are inhabitants – and there are about 7 million of those!

As you can see here, my Roesti was topped with a fried egg.

It was absolutely delicious – if a little heavy and a bit greasy.

But the weather outside was cold, foggy and windy enough to warrant a wintery meal…as you can see below:

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