Checking out the local cafe

We took advantage of the recent long weekend to spend a few days in the Kawartha region of Ontario. The village of Lakefield was our principle destination – and the highlight of our weekend a visit with our friend Jennifer MacKenzie. Jen and her husband, Chef Jay Nutt, own Nuttshell Next Door, a cafe in downtown Lakefield.

Nuttshell is a supporter of the Kawartha Choice Farm Fresh program, a regional initiative that links farmers, consumers, chefs and retailers in the area, and has a great menu with a focus on fresh and local ingredients.

I almost melted in my chair over my cappuccino and freshly baked raspberry muffin…still warm from the oven when it made its way to my plate! I’d love to start off my day like that every day.

Of course, as a bit of a food geek, I had to take a photo. And over the course of our two days in town, we also tried the breakfast bagel, breakfast wrap, bacon and egg bagel and smoked salmon bagel – all scrumptious!

Now Lakefield is pretty quiet on a Sunday morning before 10 am, even on a long weekend. I think that’s largely because pretty much everything is still closed.

I was getting a little antsy for a good cup of coffee by about 9:45, so we decided to walk down to Nuttshell from our hotel, the Village Inn, which was a few doors down from the cafe. They were still closed so we sat on a street bench and waited – and it was amazing to watch the town slowly come to life around the opening of the cafe.

People started walking by and gathering, almost hovering in fact, waiting for that magical moment when the sign would go out and the door would open. And once 10 am rolled around, there was a steady stream of customers wandering in and out…and those raspberry muffins didn’t last long!

You can check out Nutshell Next Door on Facebook for the latest menu items, recipe ideas, funky links, cafe news and random thoughts from Jen and Chef Jay.

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